Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Orly Mini's & NOTD

I recently read a post in which "Rage" by Orly was featured and I completely fell in love. I googled it right away to see where I could get it and to my surprise I found it on Cheapsmells! Admittedly I only found the mini 5.3 ml version but for £3.95 I couldn't pass it up!
I bought 2 polishes available "Rage" a beautiful rose gold (apparently a dupe for MAC's L/E Soiree nail lacquer) and "VIP" a gorgeous glittery pink. I did notice however that although both polishes were bought from the same site the packaging is slightly different, "Rage" contains 5.3ml whilst "VIP" contains 5.4ml of product. The symbols on the back are also different, this may be due to the polishes coming from a different batch.
I haven't used VIP yet, but judging by a quick swatch it seems more suitable as a top coat than a colour in itself. I have however been loving Rage and haven't taken it off since it arrived!
Excuse the *ahem* less than perfect nails.


  1. Those are sooo pretty! I definitely need to check out cheapsmells :D xx

  2. I love Rage, such a gorgeous colour....Ill have to get mine out again :))xxx

  3. i have rage, need vip! rage is so amazing, wonder why they chose that name lol.

  4. @Tiny Bow Blogger: I know they're gorgeous colours and such a bargain! xxx
    @ScienceGeek: I know I love them! xxx
    @Maria Sparkle: I'm so glad I bought it, I can see myself needing to repurchase! xxx
    @socialitedreams: Hmm, yeah the name doesn't really fit the colour does it! xxx

  5. oh my gosh! these are the exact two orly nail varnishes I picked up in boots a few weeks ago! I love rage so much! Haven't tried VIP yet, but I will do!! xxx