Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Di Palomo "White Grape" Inspired by Italy Skincare

I was recently contacted and asked to review 2 products from the Di Palomo "White grape" skin care range, I hadn't previously heard of the brand but after a little research it seemed like these products would be right up my street. I have to be extremely fussy when it comes to skincare, not through choice but because I have extremely sensitive skin and I can say, thank fully I have not experienced any sort of irritation when using these products.
I was sent a Bath and Shower Creme and a Body butter from the range;
Both products contain Aloe and Di Palomo describe the products to be soothing because of this ingredient, I must say they do feel lovely on the skin. I love the smell of the products, they have a subtle grape smell which is not at all artificial, after using these products I feel like I smell clean, something which is hard to achieve with heavily perfumed products. 
The Bath and Shower creme is in itself extremely moisturising and feels lovely to use. 
Hopefully the picture above illustrates the texture of the Body Butter, it's a hard texture that melts onto your skin through the heat of your hands, it's lovely and extremely moisturising and a little goes a long way. The only flaw is that it does take a little work to actually soften up the Body Butter on your skin however that can easily be solved by just working it into your hands a little before hand to warm it up slightly. 
The products are priced mid-range at £9 for the Bath and Shower Creme (250ml) and £15 for the Body Butter (200ml). As much as I like these products I'm sure that cheaper alternatives could be found so I'm not sure I'd repurchase both products. I'd be more tempted to repurchase the Bath and Shower Creme however as it does leave your skin feeling lovely in a way that many body washes don't. 
I also have to comment on how beautifully the products were packaged, you definitely get your money's worth in terms of luxury packaging and attention to detail.

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